Will the Virtual Patient Interactive Trainer (VPIT) work with any manikin?

The VPIT software can be overlaid on any manikin using fiducial markers. However, VPIT is specifically designed to deliver mechanical integration – where the virtual patient changes are reflected in the physical manikin -- with the TOMManikin only. Mechanical integration with additional manikin systems is planned.

What are fiducial markers?

Fiducial markers are objects placed in the view of the Hololens imaging system. They are used as a point of reference by the imaging system to aid in the placement of our virtual patient. We provide a set of fiducial markers with every system we sell and replacements are free should you lose or damage yours.

What equipment is required?

The most basic hardware set up would include a single Microsoft Hololens (for the student) and a single tablet (for the instructor). We purchase the hardware on your behalf at no charge and with no markup. For team training, multiple Hololens units can be controlled by a single tablet. More advanced configurations can be designed based on your needs.

Can I create custom scenarios?

The VPIT software is built in a modular fashion to allow us to rapidly create new scenarios to address your specific training needs. We can work with you to design new modular scenarios if needed. These scenarios can then be loaded onto your system at purchase or we can Currently, the system includes more than 60 scenarios.

How does licensing work?

Your base purchase provides one year of full access to the software with technical support including online troubleshooting resources, bug fixes, and updates that will include additional scenario and curricula content. Your purchased software will continue to operate thereafter, but technical support is limited to updates made available through our Windows Storefront. One license is required for each mixed reality viewing device on which the software will be installed. Multi-year licensing support at purchase or annual renewals are recommended to keep your training suite current.

How does technical support work?

For systems purchased through our partners at North American Rescue, you may contact your sales or service representative for the fastest resolution of your problem. For systems purchased directly, use our online to connect you with our technical specialists.