What is mixed reality?

Mixed reality merges elements of the real world with virtual elements to create a new environment. In a mixed reality environment, physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. This is in contrast to virtual reality where the entire experience is created in a fully simulated world. Unveil’s mixed reality tools leverage the natural world as much as possible, presenting virtual elements only when they can provide a clearly enhanced level of teaching value.

How do I purchase the VPIT for Military?

We are proud to partner with North American Rescue (NAR). NAR Simulation is the exclusive distributor of the VPIT for Military. Please visit http://www.narescue.com to speak with a sales representative and learn more about purchasing options.

Will the VPIT work with any manikin?

The VPIT software can be overlaid on any manikin using fiducial markers. However, it is specifically designed to deliver mechanical integration – where the virtual patient changes are reflected in the physical manikin — with the TOMManikin only. Mechanical integration with additional manikin systems is planned.

Can I create custom scenarios?

The VPIT software is built in a modular fashion to allow us to rapidly create new scenarios to address your specific training needs. We can work with you to design new modular scenarios if needed. These scenarios can then be loaded onto your system at purchase. Currently, the system includes more than 60 scenarios.

Is the physical manikin needed?

No, you can operate the VPIT in stand-alone mode or with a manikin.  The stand-alone mode is an effective way to introduce concepts. It helps students build better mental models of how anatomy, physiology and pathology are tied together. When paired with the manikin, students connect diagnostic skills with physical intervention skills. This can be a powerful source of resilience under real-world conditions.

Is there training curricula to go with the VPIT scenarios?

Yes. We have developed training curricula that let you harness our engaging, powerful virtual content while staying true to your training doctrine. Our training curricula materials can be used in virtual-only mode (with no physical manikin) or in concert with the TOMManikin. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Will new scenarios be available?

Yes! One of the strengths of the VPIT platform is the ability to create new scenarios fast. Whether its TCCC content, or new scenarios to address emerging emergency medical situations, the VPIT is a great option.  Look for our suite of CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive) scenarios in 2020.

How does technical support work?

For systems purchased through our partners at North American Rescue, you may contact your sales or service representative for the fastest resolution of your problem. For systems purchased directly, use our online web  support forms to connect you with our technical specialists.

How does licensing work?

Your base purchase provides one year of full access to the software with technical support including online troubleshooting resources, bug fixes, and updates that will include additional scenario and curricula content. Your purchased software will continue to operate thereafter, but technical support is limited to updates made available through our Windows Storefront. Multi-year licensing support at purchase or annual renewals are recommended to keep your training suite current.

What equipment is required?

The most basic hardware set up would include a single Microsoft Hololens (for the student) and a single tablet (for the instructor). We purchase the hardware on your behalf at no charge and with no markup. For team training, up to X Hololens units can be controlled by a single tablet. More advanced configurations can be designed based on your needs.